Nintendo "3DS" Announced

Nintendo's latest model of their DS handheld, the DSi XL, just arrived in the GI offices yesterday and won't be available to the general public in North America until this weekend. That newly launching product hasn't stopped Nintendo from unexpectedly confirming months of rumors by announcing their next-generation handheld device, the Nintendo "3DS."

Nintendo released a brief statement revealing the new system in Japan. The statement had scant details on the 3DS, the most important of which was the source of its name: The handheld will apparently feature the ability for "3D effects without the need for any special glasses." The statement does not elaborate on this technology, but if Nintendo has come up for a solution for true 3D that doesn't involve wearing goofy glasses, we're all ears.

The 3DS will also have full backward compatibility with DS games. The statement makes special note that it will work with DSi games as well, suggesting that the 3DS may also have a camera built in.

Nintendo plans to release the 3DS (probably under a different name) this fiscal year -- that means some time between now and March 2011. In the meantime, it looks like we'll be learning more details about the new device at E3.

Before you scoff at the idea of 3D on a handheld, remember that most people thought the two-screen idea for the DS was stupid when it was first announced as well. With that warning in place, are you excited to hear more about the 3DS? Does it mess with your plans to buy a DSi XL?


For a look at how the 3DS might work, check out this video of a Japanese-only DSi game called 3D Hidden Picture. Keep in mind this is NOT actually running on the as yet unknown 3DS hardware, and it's likely that the 3D effects displayed by that unit might be somewhat different. Still, this is an example of how 3D is already being done on a Nintendo DS without the use of glasses. It's a pretty neat effect.

Miyamoto Muses On Vitality Sensor/Zelda Compatibility

Miyamoto hasn’t been shying away from the press lately, instead taking several high-profile opportunities to chat with the public about his work and upcoming Nintendo titles.

Speaking to Games TM before accepting his BAFTA Fellowship last week, Miyamoto mused about possible ways the Wii Vitality Sensor could be incorporated into one of Nintendo's flagship franchises – the Legend of Zelda.

“Whenever we are going to use any new device it is possible to expand the appeal to those who are new to the video gaming world. At the same time, however, it is also fun to think of ways in which we might apply that new technology to existing forms of gameplay – just like the way we are working on the new Legend Of Zelda together with Wii Motion Plus.”

Continuing, Miyamoto explained that it might be possible to incorporate the Vitality Sensor in Zelda so that  “as you become more scared, the enemies become even tougher.”

Miyamoto was intentionally careful not to confirm compatibility, and we wouldn’t put it past the prolific developer to be simply thinking out loud. But the idea does give us something to chew on. If truly compatible, would you take the chance to have your own heart rate dictate gameplay?

We’ve got our own exclusive interview with Miyamoto going live soon, so be sure to check back.

Source: Gameinformer